INKnBURN Ambassador Kimberlee on Choosing Gratitude & Joy

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INKnBURN Ambassador Kimberlee Hummel, seen above in INKnBURN’s Kimono Tech Shirt and Running Skirt, paused to share a beautiful and wise reminder. We invite you to take a moment to read and enjoy the
amazing photos taken by her husband, Aki Hummel. 

Life comes in seasons, doesn’t it? This summer was most challenging for me. A difficult personal situation, MS symptoms I didn’t ever wish to experience, and my small business changing at an almost overwhelming pace honestly led to many moments when that fire I usually carry within me felt like just a flicker. It was hard.

Kimberlee and her husband, Aki, during their trip. Kimberly wore her INKnBURN Crane Pullover with Thumbholes. Click to see the art on this gorgeous tech shirt up close!

Moving into fall is a blessing. I started mine with a beautiful trip to the Sequoias and Yosemite with my dear husband. Fall is my favorite time of year, as the trees gently forfeit their leaves and nature prepares to sleep beneath the cool blanket of winter. It’s also a season of gratitude and thanksgiving and a time for everyone to revisit the reason we’re all here on earth….To connect. To feel. To give and receive love fully and openly.

So why not start with yourself? Love and feel. Align with your truth. Lovingly accept all parts of who you are and the stories that brought you to where you are today. Be forgiving and patient and loving with the beautiful work in progress you are.

Utilize the most empowering gift you have – the gift to create your life simply through what you think every day. Your mind will believe anything you tell it. What you consistently believe daily and over time will manifest and become your reality. Every moment you spend in a negative thought process about yourself or another (a habit most of us have) is a wasted moment you can never get back, and contributes to your happiness or unhappiness which only you can control. It’s so powerful….

Photo by Aki Hummel.

Instead, choose love, joy, and gratitude. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, there is always something good. When love, joy, and gratitude become your priorities, everything simply becomes easier. Your relationships become more loving. You free yourself from negative energy that drains you. You become more accountable for your happiness instead of seeking it outside of yourself or blaming others because you lack it. You connect with your higher being and let go of that pesky ego that can drag you down and hinder your relationships. You’ll be able to lean in to the love that literally surrounds you…. wonderful, juicy, crazy, sometimes scary love that you often push away because of false beliefs that don’t serve you. You’ll start to attract more abundance in every area of your life and in your relationships….and guess what the best part it? This beautiful shift starts to happen almost immediately and blossoms as you consistently choose love, joy, and gratitude over time.

Kimberlee amidst the giant sequoias at Sequoia National Park. She is wearing INKnBURN Steampunk Long Sleeve Tech Shirt and Tights. Just a few are left. Click to view!

Every moment of every day you receive an invitation to fully engage in this beautiful life. Even through challenge, you can choose to keep your fire burning, growing, and thriving.

I’ll end by sharing one of my favorite quotes – “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owner, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is a spiritual experience living every moment with love, grace, and gratitude.”

Go fill your heart to the brim every day. Allow little miracles to flow. Choose love. Choose joy. Choose gratitude. Be happy.


“Forest Bathing” in the sequoias! Photo by Aki Hummel. Kimberly is wearing sold out INKnBURN Wildflower gear. Make sure to always be in the loop of new releases by subscribing to our Newsletter on www.INKnBURN.com!

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