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7 Tips for Wearing INKnBURN at Work

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INKnBURN is so comfortable to wear that we hear stories of fans sneaking their gear into the workplace.  As an added bonus, it makes going from work to a run our workout a breeze… since you are already partially dressed!
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Here are some ways that our ambassadors get the most out of INKnBURN’s versatile gear:

1. Layer your INKnBURN Singlet or Tech Shirt with a neutral cardigan, blazer or sweater:

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2.  Sport colorful INKnBURN Tops with dress pants or a skirt for a pop of color:

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3. Wear your INKnBURN Tights, Pants or Capris under a dress or long blouse:

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4. Pair your INKnBURN with fancy footwear for a more dressed up look:

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5. Organize a lunchtime run or yoga  session with your colleagues.  This means you’ll get to wear INKnBURN and sneak a workout it in:

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6. Wear under a lab coat or nursing jacket… Medical professionals report that the colors give patients a nice boost!

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It can also be worn under chef gear to keep cool:

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7. Wear for theme days or casual Fridays:

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Or… find a job that allows you to wear INB all the time! 😉

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One Last Tip: Check out our Women’s 1124 Performance Denim Pants! They are particularly great for dressing up for work or a fun night out!

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