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INKnBURN… a family by choice.

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We often hear about amazing friendships that have been sparked through a mutual love of INKnBURN!  So, we recently asked our Ambassadors to share their own stories about how INKnBURN has brought them closer to someone. Michele Williamson wrote back with the story of two amazing friendships born from a passion for INKnBURN:

It all began when I admired someone’s race gear. I found out it was INKnBURN and joined the For the Love of INKnBURN Facebook Fan Page.  I learned about the stunning apparel and was proud to discover that is is all Made in America!

At my next race, I yelled “Way to go, INKnBURN!” at a girl running by. We found each other through the Facebook Fan Page the next day. Her name was Hannah.

Michelle & Hannah

Since then, we’ve trained together and raced together. I’m now an honorary aunt to her newborn daughter, Mia… and blessed to call her my friend.

Michelle, Brother & Hannah

I also became friends with Melinda, who we affectionately call Ginger. She was stationed overseas for a while and fan page members had fun sending her cards and care-packages. Her brother David (pictured above with Hannah and I) hosted us last fall and I raced my first marathon.

Michelle & Melinda in Sunflowers

Recently, I had the honor of flying to San Antonio with my husband to witness Ginger’s retirement from the military after over 20 years.

Michelle & Melinda

This is the only time I have ever seen Ginger and her husband, Robert, not wearing INKnBURN:

Melinda & Robert

When people asked how we became friends, we say “INKnBURN” first… then we smile and say but we are really now family by choice.


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